Religion, Violence and Mobilisation in South Asia

Title: Religion, Violence and Mobilisation in South Asia
Release Date: 2005
Contributors: Francis Robinson, Ravinder Kaur, Paul R. Brass, Jan Breman, Dipankar Gupta, Thomas Blom Hansen, Ian Talbot, Oskar Verkaaik, Björn Hettne
Pages: 228
ISBN13: 9780761934301 (hd)

Synopsis:This volume provide a multidisciplinary thematic exploration of religious violence in South Asia. The contributors examine the actual organization of violence, the role of governmental agencies and state authorities, the socio-economic conditions that contribute to violence, and the long-term consequences of such violence.

Providing original ethnographic accounts from sites of violence in South Asia it:

  • map the contemporary discourse on Hindu-Muslim violence and focus on the causes of communal violence as well as its long-term consequences;
  • situate the nation-state within the incidents of violence-variously termed ethnic, communal and everyday violence - that simultaneously frame and challenge the authority of the state;
  • locate the current discussion on violence and the state in Pakistan, and provide a general thematic overview of religion and state institutions in Pakistan;
  • discuss the specific locality-based socio-economic conditions that contribute to violence;
  • expand various categories of violence to present a South Asian perspective in regard to the current western discourse on »global terrorism«.


Francis Robinson: Foreword
Ravinder Kaur: Mythology of Communal Violence
An Introduction
Paul R Brass: The Body as a Symbol in the Production of Hindu-Muslim Violence
Jan Breman: Communal Upheaval as the Resurgence of Social-Darwinism
Dipankar Gupta: Between Ethnicity and Communalism
The Significance of the Nation State
Thomas Blom Hansen: Sovereigns beyond the State
On Legality and Public Authority in India
Ian Talbot: Understanding Religious Violence in Contemporary Pakistan
Themes and Theories
Oskar Verkaaik: On Terror and Sacrifice
Björn Hettne: South Asia and the War against Terrorism

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